Device Set-Up & Contact Information


Before switching on your PC or Laptop for the first time we recommend that you firstly connect any devices you wish to use. This may include the monitor, K/B & Mouse, printer, ethernet cable or USB devices such as Wi-Fi. When switching on for the first time as part of the setup, Windows will locate all devices attached and attempt to install the software to ensure it works correctly. The initial setup will take a little longer, the device may also restart a number of times which is a usual part of the process. This may take a few minutes to complete to ensure all the devices are updated and are working correctly.

PC’s – Unless stated otherwise within the product description your computer will come with the standard blue VGA port and on nearly all products a Display Port (DP). The DP looks similar to a HDMI port and is a feature on nearly all newer model computers. If you do require a HDMI connection for your monitor the cheapest and quickest way is to use a DP to HDMI adapter. These are available on Amazon from around £3.00.

Wi-Fi- Your laptop automatically has Wi-Fi installed as a default hardware configuration. If you wish to install Wi-Fi on your PC as an addition to the Ethernet port, please insert the USB Wi-Fi dongle into any of the USB ports on your computer. After Microsoft Windows completes the installation of software you will be able to search for your router/Wi-Fi source and enter the password etc; to connect and use accordingly.


If you have any issues with your purchase, we would very much appreciate the opportunity to help you and put something right before you open a return. In the event you do have any issues or questions please do not open an Amazon return in the first instance. Opening a return especially if the product was delivered FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) starts the Amazon automated returns process. As we the supplier are not automatically informed of this the fastest way we can assist you to resolve any issue is if you send a message through the Amazon messaging system direct to ourselves or to the email address These are monitored 7 days a week, periodically at weekends and we will respond to any message we receive as quickly as possible.

If you have decided that you wish to return your purchase and do not require our assistance then please open a return and follow the procedures outlined by Amazon, eBay or OnBuy.

Communication & Warranty

Your purchase comes with a standard 12-month hardware warranty from the date of purchase. In the event that you have any general questions, experience any issues and you require our assistance please contact us via the following methods.

Option 1 – Please use the on-line messaging system provided by Amazon, eBay or OnBuy. This is different than opening a return should you wish to do so. Opening a return does not send us a message.

Option 2 – We offer support through e:mail. If you please send your order details and the nature of your question to We will respond as soon as possible to messages received outside of normal working hours.

Option 3 – During normal office hours Monday-Friday 08:30 – 16:30 we can be contacted on 0161 637 5656 (select option 1)


SE Remarketing is proud of its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and part of this is our use of eco-friendly packaging. We have partnerships with many local businesses to recycle their cardboard and use this as packaging material. We also only work with companies for the purchase of boxes, tape and other materials who share our commitment in recycling.

Safety & Security

We highly recommend for your own safety and security that you back-up your Windows operating system as soon as possible and on a regular basis as Microsoft release regular updates which could affect the operational ability of your computer. You should also back up your own files and data either to an external drive or a cloud-based solution on a regular basis.

Microsoft provides all the information needed for you to do this on their website. Please refer to the following links for information that will be useful.

Windows 10 –

Windows 11 –

If you wish to complete a full re-installation of Windows 10 or require a copy of the Windows 10 software Microsoft provide this from their website. It is the Windows 10 media creation tool. This can be found at

Windows 11

If you wish to upgrade your existing device to Windows 11 then we recommend before you do anything, please fully back up your system. Please also read through the upgrade process fully before doing anything in order that you have full knowledge of all the changes you may need to make. Microsoft have provided the information at the following website.

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