At SE Recycling (SER) we believe in creating a sustainable future for all. One way in which we try to achieve this is by working with the education sector to make schools, colleges and universities more sustainable. This is why we are now providing schools, colleges and universities with a completely free-of-charge IT disposal service.

We will provide your organisation with a free WEEE and IT recycling container for your premises. SER will arrange a free delivery of your recycling container to your premises along with useful information on what you can and can not dispose of. Simply fill your IT & WEEE recycling container at your own pace and contact us as soon as it is full, we will then pick up your current container and drop off an empty one to be filled up again.

Data Security and Secure IT Disposal

With SE Recycling you can be assured that all sensitive data is erased and can never be accessed again. We will provide you with a full IT recycling & asset management service. This includes: secure tracking for all assets, full data destruction on all data bearing equipment, complete asset and data destruction reports and all required certification.

All staff are trained to be diligent in seeking out and destroying all data in compliance with GDPR and ISO:27001 regulations helping ensure you dispose of your equipment compliantly, ethically and sustainably.

To demonstrate how we securely dispose of your end-of-life IT equipment and waste electronics we welcome site visits and audits.

Get in touch with a member of the SER team today to book in your free IT recycling collection, service and electrical waste container.