Now that GDPR has been entered into law it is imperative that ICT recycling companies take all necessary steps to protect and safely erase all of the data from clients unwanted ICT.

At SE Recycling we take our client’s data very seriously and so we ensure that all members of staff are trained to seek out and remove any items of equipment that may have data stored on it.

SE Recycling is registered with the ICO as a Data Processor, meaning that SER are qualified to handle and erase all data under the GDPR. When we collect your unwanted equipment you’ll be able to track their whole journey from when it leaves your property to the end of the collection process where you will be provided with a certificate of destruction. This certificate will provide all the serial numbers of each piece of equipment that has had its data erased and been recycled.

Once all data bearing equipment/parts are identified they are then held in a separate secure environment within our premises with 24hour security and passcode locks. All data bearing devices are only processed by our specialist asset management team who make sure that all devices are wiped completely clean and all traces of data are destroyed. After all your IT assets have been fully erased we will provide a waste transfer note stating that your asset disposal was successful and all your devices and equipment have been assessed and wiped.