We can help you to eliminate waste and increase the efficiency of your IT resources. Our IT Asset Management service is a one stop shop for the acquisition, deployment, and disposal of all your hardware.

You can trust us through the entire lifecycle of your IT equipment; working together, we’ll create an inventory of what you have and what you need to fully function as a business. We will then use our expertise to manage the following:

  • The procurement of used hardware
  • The request and approval processes involved
  • Management of licenses, warranties and agreements
  • The redeployment of equipment
  • The safe and responsible disposal of your IT assets
  • Advice on selling your old or unwanted equipment

When your IT assets reach the end of their useful life, we will deploy totally secure procedures for their removal. You’ll be able to track their journey from your property to the end point where a certificate of destruction can be provided with all the serial numbers of the equipment that has been destroyed and recycled. Our commitment to disposing of e-waste properly means you can be sure that no damage is done to the environment.

We provide you with peace of mind. You can be sure that experts are looking after your IT equipment, getting the best deal for your business, and acting ethically.