Data theft is on the rise and redundant IT equipment is a rich hunting ground for those looking to steal damaging information. With SE Recycling, you can be certain that all your data is erased and can never be accessed again. We will ensure that sensitive information from your recycled laptops, computers and IT equipment is securely and safely destroyed to the highest level, compliant with industry standards.

When you hand your equipment over to us we will:

  • Destroy all ICT equipment in a secure environment accessed only by authorised staff
  • Use the latest CESG approved software so all data is securely wiped and irretrievably erased
  • Deliver a certificate of data destruction at the end of each project confirming details of all items processed; serial numbers and host assets can be provided on request

The methods we employ are:

  • Hard Drive Shredding: where drives are physically cut into small pieces
  • Data Sanitisation: using the latest CESG approved software to permanently and irreversibly remove data stored on a memory device
  • Degaussing: the process of exposing media devices to a powerful magnetic field
  • Punching: a quick and easy way to destroy the hard drive by punching a hole through it

We will choose the option that is most suitable and provides the best value for your business.

When the data is gone, it’s gone forever. you can be assured that your digital media is in safe hands.