At SE Recycling we are committed to protecting the environment. We believe there is never any need for your redundant IT equipment to end up in landfill and be a problem that has to be dealt with by future generations.

The introduction of WEEE regulations means that businesses are now responsible for the recycling of their electrical and electronic equipment. All the products we collect are either refurbished and then redeployed to other organisations, donated to charities/local community groups, sold at reduced costs within the community, or ultimately recycled.

The speed of change in technology and the ‘throwaway’ society of today creates many problems for the environment. By working with us you can make a contribution to reducing the growing amount of redundant electronic products. By partnering with schools and universities, we also help educate the decision makers of tomorrow about recycling. Our aim is to make landfill for all IT products a thing of the past.

By working with us, you have an opportunity to reinforce your own commitment to avoiding landfill, helping communities, and ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.