SE Recycling specialises in the recycling and disposal of a wide range of IT equipment especially computer monitors and other types of screens. Computer monitors come in many different forms whether they are a TFT, CRT, LCD, LED or FPD.

Secure & Safe Disposal of Computer Monitors

Computer monitors are made up of a wide range of different components. Many of these components are hazardous and require specialist treatment to ensure all material can be safely and sustainably disposed of.

Due to this, SE Recycling has equipped itself with the necessary processes and resources to treat all types of redundant monitors and screens including computer monitors, laptops screens, CRTs and all other monitors.

TFT Monitors 

Thin-film Transistor Monitors or more frequently known as TFTs are the most commonly used type of monitor used at home and in the office and can be purchased from most electronic stores for an affordable price. Most LCD monitors use TFT technology and have a massively improved picture compared to their predecessor the CRT.

Our computer monitor recycling process:

  • One of our dedicated account managers will arrange an on-site collection to remove all unwanted and redundant monitors, screens and all other computer equipment from your premises.
  • Once arrived at SER, our team of recycling operatives will then process all monitors and screens, taking into account their quality, grade and specification.
  • Our IT and monitor refurbishment department will then ensure all functioning computer monitors and screens are fully refurbished including the cleaning of screens, replacement of monitor stand, removes of external stickering and much more.
  • Once all the computer monitors and screens have been processed and eiyther diposed or refurbished your dedicated account manager will then provide you with a waste transfer note. Upon request additional information and data can be provided on your disposed computers equipment.

Find out the full range of IT equipment we recycle on our IT disposal page

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