At SE Recycling we provide our customers with a sustainable and efficient solution to disposing of your unwanted laptops. Many laptops in the UK can be recycled allowing parts to be reused or full machines to be refurbished and reused.

Disposing of laptops sustainably 

SE Recycling specialises in the recycling and refurbishing of all types of laptops and go above and beyond to ensure nothing goes to landfill. All laptops we receive are processed rigorously to ensure we can get the most value out of each asset.

Our laptop recycling process:

  • One of our dedicated account managers will arrange an on-site collection to remove all unwanted laptops and all other IT equipment from your premises.
  • Once arrived at SER, our team of recycling specialists will then process the laptops, taking into account their quality grade, specification and if any data bearing devices are held within the laptop.
  • All data bearing equipment found within the laptops are then placed in our secure data sanitisation area and are fully wiped (or destroyed) using government approved blancco software.
  • Our refurbishment department will then ensure all working laptops are fully refurbished including replacing keys, screens, respraying and re-skinning of the laptops and much more.
  • Once all laptops have finally been processed, your dedicated account manager will then provide you with a waste transfer note and certificate of data destruction. Upon request additional information and data can be provided for your peace of mind.

Get in touch with a member of our team today to book a collection for your unwanted and redundant laptops.