Apple Paving the way in Electronic Recycling

Tech giants Apple revealed late last year that they have a new member at the company. Her name is daisy and she is a specialist recycling robot named Daisy. The advanced robot can recycle up to 200 iPhones an hour, removing all different types of materials from the phone without damaging the reusable hardware.

The robot scans the iPhone to find out the year and model. It then works out exactly what components are in the phone. It then disassembles the device using a whole range of equipment and attachments. the device is pulled apart piece by piece intricately so that it can be easily reassembled afterwords.

Components of iPhones including gold, copper and lithium, can be recycled for new smartphones ( Apple )

By having Daisy take apart these phones, several materials can be extracted from the components including copper, gold, steel, lead, platinum, lithium and aluminium.

Apple also revealed that it’s main San Francisco office, Apple Park and Apple retail stores around the world were now running off 100% renewable energy.

This is a huge revelation for a massive company like Apple and sets a good example for others to follow.

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