Welcome to the new SE Recycling website and blog! We are extremely pleased to introduce our fresh brand and redesigned website to you.

The launch of our new website marks the start of some very exciting times for the company. Since the company was founded in 2013, we have continued to grow steadily, establishing ourselves as one of Europe’s leading electronic recyclers, and we wanted our website to successfully convey that to our customers. We are delighted with the results which we feel are modern, refreshing, and representative of us as a company. As well as having a new look, the website is also much easier to navigate around for our customers, with the addition of a blog and news section, which we believe will improve communication with businesses and customers.

The site also includes detailed information on all of our programmes, such as the Schools Initiative and Living Digital, which we have developed in order to give back into society and educate people on the importance of recycling their redundant ICT equipment. This is something which is very important to us at SE Recycling, and we are proud to be able to show our customers the great work that we do in the community.

We encourage you to take a good look around the site, and hope that you like the new design as well as find it simple to navigate around. Keep an eye on our news section to stay up to date with everything that’s happening at SE Recycling.

We value our customer’s opinion, if you have any comments or feedback regarding the new website, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know, it would be appreciated!

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