Windows 7 Free Support Ends in Less Than a Year

Microsoft have announced that a number of their Windows 7 products have officially entered their last six months of free support. As of January 14th, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide free security updates for PCs running some Windows 7 packages.

This could pose a huge risk to your business if it is still using these unsupported products as it means the system won’t be patched or updated, leaving computers vulnerable to any emerging security threats.

Without Microsoft’s free support for these Windows 7 products a large number of businesses are taking the opportunity to upgrade their current ICT equipment instead of paying for Windows 7 support. Many businesses’ equipment will be outdated and so they can run Microsoft’s newest operating system – Windows 10, they choose to replace all their outdated IT equipment with new, higher spec equipment. This has lead to an increase in redundant IT equipment holding sensitive information lying around businesses’ premises.

SE Recycling will work with you to arrange a free on-site collection of all your IT and electronic equipment. Once collected we will make sure that all data bearing equipment is safely and securely wiped of all sensitive information in line with GDPR and ISO:27001 guidelines.

We will ensure none of your equipment will go to landfill and even be able to offer a rebate on your items.

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