5 Reasons why you should choose Refurbished Laptops and Computers

At SE Recycling we aim to reuse before recycling and many of the IT equipment we collect and treat get refurbished and redistributed back into the market. But why should you choose refurbished IT over new equipment?

Below we have listed 7 reasons why choosing refurbished computers & laptops can be beneficial both to you and the environment.

  1. “As good as new!”

IT Equipment can be refurbished to a range of different grades spanning from C to A. Grade A is the highest possible grade of refurbishment for laptops and computer equipment. At SE Recycling we ensure all our refurbished computers and laptops are refurbished to Grade A quality. Grade A refurbished IT equipment, although not new, can look almost identical to new equipment.

  1. Does what it says on the box

What kind of specification do you need for your laptop or computer? Whether it is the newest high-performance processor or state of the art graphics card you can still get access to the most up to date technology when you choose a refurbished laptop or computer over buying new.

  1. It is good for the environment!

When you choose a refurbished computer and laptop over brand new you help protect the environment and prevent harmful and damaging emissions from being produced. The production of refurbished laptops and computers saves an estimated 109kg of CO2 compared to newly manufactured IT equipment. By choosing refurbished tech you decrease the requirement for new equipment which leads to a reduction in new IT produced.

  1. Save your money

You can save up to as much as 80% on your laptops and computers when you choose refurbished. On average a new device can range between £500 – £1000, whereas a refurbished model with the same specification can sell for as low £100!

  1. Comes with assurances

You have bought a refurbished device, does that mean you’re on your own now? Wrong. At SE Recycling we provide all our customers with free next-day delivery, 1 year warranty and technical support Monday to Friday.

Whether it is for your organisation or to use at home, choosing a refurbished computer or laptop can be greatly beneficial, helping you save money and the environment. Contact a member of our remarketing department to discuss your IT requirements today.