BASF Recycles Their IT Equipment to Raise Funds for Charity

Thanks to their continuous recycling efforts, the multinational chemical company has successfully raised £500 for theatre & arts charity Z-arts.

Working in conjunction with SE Recycling (SER), one of the UK’s largest IT recycling and data destruction companies, BASF have been able to continue raising funds for the Manchester-based charity during the pandemic.

For the third consecutive year BASF has taken part in SER’s Sustainable Recycling Initiative in which businesses recycle their unwanted and redundant equipment and donate funds raised from their recycling efforts to charity.

During the pandemic BASF has continued to take part in this initiative and as a result have been able to raise an additional £500 for the Manchester-based arts and Theatre venue.

Z-arts is a registered charity and arts and theatre venue in Hulme, specialising in a range of activities, shows and events for children and families with an aim to inspire and share the joy of creativity with young people in Greater Manchester.

Liz O’Neill, CEO of Z-arts said “We are delighted and grateful to have been a beneficiary of this recycling project from BASF. At a time that has been really difficult for the arts, where we have severely reduced our earned income due to the pandemic, every penny matters. Even better is benefiting from a green initiative, which fits in with our ethos as an organisation.

Chris Skurray, Facilities Manager, BASF UK/Ireland, commented, “We are delighted to be part of this IT recycling initiative and to be able to support the wonderful Z-arts charity. We’ve just completed our headquarter relocation to Stockport and like any major move there was a build-up of old equipment. Thanks to SER we’ve safely and sustainability recycled unrequired items for a much-needed social benefit.”

Tom Urwin, Site Manager-Stockport, BASF UK/Ireland, added, “Sustainability is very much at the forefront of BASF’s purpose, as is supporting our nearby community groups where we can. I’m pleased that we support this project and that it has enabled funding to go to Z-arts at a time when every penny counts.”

Gary Mo, Managing Director, SE Recycling said: “At SER our aim is to create a sustainable future for all and to achieve this we cannot stop at just the environment. BASF are a great example of how businesses can turn their recycling efforts into social change, having not only a positive impact on environment but on society and the economy too.”

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