New Advanced Battery Recycling Division Announced to Tackle Growing Battery Waste in the UK  

The SER Group, one of the UK’s leaders in IT and WEEE recycling has announced the launch of its specialist battery recycling division Cellcycle to help tackle the rapid increase of waste batteries in the UK. Cellcycle provides a complete solution to disposing and recycling of all types of batteries including lithium-ion batteries found in electric vehicles and other electric transport.   

Earlier this year Cellcycle received both its Approved Battery Exporter (ABE) and Approved Battery Treatment Operator (ABTO) permits. These permits add to a list of accreditations that place Cellcycle amongst the few recycling companies currently in the UK that can treat and recycle end-of-life batteries without the need for exportation. 

Cellcycle is currently working with battery recycling experts and global leaders in the battery recycling and treatment sector to develop one of the UK’s first closed-loop battery recycling processes. This process will help recover and extract precious material that can be put back into the battery market for reuse. 

Gary Mo, Managing Director at Cellcycle commented on the company announcement saying “The battery market in the UK is growing exponentially and with the introduction of new legislation the demand for a battery recycling solution in the UK is rapidly rising.  

Currently, most companies in the UK have to export their end-of-life and redundant batteries to Europe, Asia and other parts of the world for material-level recycling and face heavy transportation costs associated with that service.

This is why the SER Group launched Cellcycle, to provide businesses nationwide with a complete battery recycling solution directly from the UK.” 

“We are further developing our battery processing with the aim to provide businesses with a closed-loop battery recycling process directly here in the UK that will not only be cost effective for customers but more sustainable too.” said Jeff Borrman, Director of Cellcycle’s Battery Division. 

“This process will help recover valuable material from a range of different types of batteries like lithium-ion and nickel-metal hydride whilst maintaining a zero-carbon footprint. The valuable materials that are recovered through this process will help provide manufacturers and other businesses within the UK battery supply-chain with the resources to produce new, more sustainable battery technology”  

To find out more about how Cellcycle sustainably recycled batteries visit their website here –