Birmingham City University Recycles to Raise Funds for Birmingham Solihull Women’s Aid

The collaboration between Birmingham City University (BCU) and SE Recycling exemplifies a powerful blend of sustainability and social responsibility. SE Recycling, specialising in the collection of redundant IT equipment, recently helped BCU raise £276.95 for charity. This was achieved through the sustainable and ethical recycling of the University’s IT and electronic equipment.

The donation was generously donated to Birmingham Solihull Women’s Aid (BSWA). This partnership showcases a unique approach to environmental sustainability, transforming potential electronic waste into a resource for social change.

BCU’s choice to donate their rebate to Birmingham Solihull Women’s Aid (BSWA) highlights their dedication to community welfare and supports BSWA’s four-decade-long mission as a vital support system for women and children in Birmingham and Solihull. This charity, deeply committed to aiding those affected by domestic violence and abuse, significantly benefits from BCU’s contribution, enabling the continuation of their essential services and advocacy for the rights of women and children to live without fear, violence, and abuse.

Simon Chow, IT Collections Manager at SE Recycling commented on the donation: “As we pass the fourth year in our collaboration with BCU it stands as a true testament to the great work that can be achieved between industry and academia. It also emphasises the positive influence recycling can have on not only on environmental sustainability but local community enrichment too”.

SE Recycling invites others to emulate BCU’s model, encouraging donations of IT equipment or fundraising efforts for local schools. Interested parties are urged to get in touch to arrange a collection and contribute to this meaningful cause.