Free IT Recycling & Rebates for Schools Across the UK

In response to the pandemic and negative impact COVID-19 had on the education sector, we announced in late 2020 that our IT recycling service would become completely free for all schools in the UK.

How does it work?

Working with SER, schools can arrange a free IT and electrical waste collections service, including the delivery of a free e-waste container. Below we have listed the easy steps schools can follow to start sustainably recycling for free.

Step 1. Simply get in touch with us via email or telephone and a member of our IT recycling team will arrange a delivery date for your free e-waste recycling container.

Step 2. Once on site, the school, staff and even students can fill the waste container with all their unwanted and redundant electrical equipment.

Step 3. When your e-waste recycling container is full you can simply arrange a date for our recycling team to come and collect your container.

Step 4. We will pick up all your redundant IT and electrical equipment in your container and replace it with an empty e-waste container ready for you to refill.

Qualifying for a Rebate

With every collection of IT & electrical equipment, schools can potentially receive rebates for their recycling efforts. Assets of value including complete computer equipment can help generate rebates for schools.

Success Stories

As a result, the most recent schools to benefit from our free IT recycling service in 2022 have successfully reduced their carbon footprint, reduced their waste management costs and even received rebates back for their equipment.

  • Sacred Heart Primary school successfully recycled all their electronic waste (e-waste) and received a rebate of £367.75
  • Derby High School raised £376.48 by recycling their e-waste with SER.
  • The Lowry Academy received a rebate of £391.70 from the recycling of all their electrical and IT equipment.
  • George Salter Academy raised £202.20 for their schools all thanks to their recycling efforts.

If you think your schools could benefit from our free IT & electronic waste recycling service get in touch with us below.