NG Bailey Donates £80,000 Worth of IT Equipment to Schools in the UK

As part of SE Recycling’s Recycle4Education Initiative, NG Bailey has been successfully donating working, reusable laptops & PCs to schools across the UK.

This week NG Bailey hit a milestone, successfully reaching a total of £80,000 worth of IT equipment donated to schools and the education sector. Throughout the year NG Bailey’s donations of PCs and laptops have helped 100’s of students continue their studies in the wake of the pandemic, providing them with the necessary access to get back online.

The two most recent schools to benefit from NG Bailey’s sustainable effort Initiative are Richmond Hill Academy and Hillcrest Academy.

SE Recycling Recycle4Education Initiative was set up during 2020 in response to the damaging impact the pandemic had on the education sector. Students across the country were falling behind in their studies and learning due to the lack of access to online resources.

Many households don’t have access to more than one electronic device which led to students unable to access the necessary lessons, information, resources and communication to progress in their studies.

The Recycle4Education Initiative’s aim is to help provide schools and students with sustainably refurbished laptops and computers. These devices are able to be refurbished and donated thanks to the funds companies like NG Bailey raise through recycling their old electronic devices.

James Lamb, Director of IT Operations at The Gorse Academy Trust commented on NG Bailey’s donation saying: “We are extremely grateful to SE Recycling and NG Bailey for their donation of laptops to our academies. These devices will go a long way in our efforts to support some of our most disadvantaged students and families with access to remote learning and online resources. We are very thankful for SE Recycling and NG Bailey for thinking of us and our community when donating their devices.”

Gary Mo, Managing Director at SE Recycling said: “We are amazed at how much NG Bailey has done over the last 12 months to support schools across the UK. We set up the Recycle4Education Initiative with the sole purpose of removing digital exclusion amongst students and NG Bailey alone have defied expectations of the Initiative and continue to raise the bar in social value.

SE Recycling is proud to be working on this initiative with such a great company like NG Bailey and hope to be able to donate even more IT equipment in the new year”