Tokyo’s Olympic Medals are made from over 75,000 Tonnes of Recycled IT and Electronic Equipment.

The Olympics has been active for the last week with hundreds of athletes receiving medals every day. What you might not have known is that every medal has been made from gold, silver and bronze elements found in electronic devices no longer in use.

This comes as part of Tokyo’s larger sustainability efforts at the 2020 Olympic Games. Their efforts included sustainable accommodation with beds made from

recycled cardboard, a commitment to use as little energy as possible and even podiums made from recycled plastic!

Tokyo’s sustainability efforts highlight an opportunity for more countries to get involved in being more sustainable. In the UK there is an estimated 485,000 tonnes of electrical waste produced per year with only 17% being recycled. This is a huge problem for our environment, and one that’s left unattended, could lead to damaging effects on the country’s environment.

Businesses are increasingly looking towards sustainable solutions for their waste management including the disposal of their redundant and unwanted IT and electrical equipment.

At SE Recycling we work with organisations across the UK to provide them with a safe, secure and efficient IT disposal service. We ensure their assets are fully tracked from the moment they leave their premises to when all data-bearing equipment is 100% erased.

If you are a business or organisation that’s looking to become more sustainable talk to a member of our team today!