Businesses across the UK are unknowingly at risk of data security breaches

Since the introduction of GDPR in 2018 businesses across Europe have had to increase their data security ten-fold to ensure their clients’ and own sensitive information is kept secure.

From how we store data to having opt-in emails, GDPR and new data security legislation means that businesses must employ the highest standards of data security to all their operations. Companies that don’t follow even the simplest of data security guidance can cause data security risk and as a result could potentially face huge fines, damaging legal battles and eventually loss of business.

The hidden data security risk

Most company data and sensitive information is held electronically on storage devices such as hard drives that can be found in all types of IT equipment from laptops and PCs to tablets and mobile phones.

However, when these devices reach their end-of-life they pose a huge data security risk.

It is a misconception that once a device is reset back to factory settings that your data and sensitive information is safe…its not. Factory resets and simply logging out of devices cannot guarantee the 100% removal of all data stored on a device.

When these devices are then disposed of, they are left holding sensitive information that can be potentially be accessed again.

The solution

To ensure that all data and sensitive information is irretrievable businesses must ensure their devices are securely wiped and disposed of.

Businesses can do this by entrusting their end-of-life electronic with a specialist IT asset disposition company (ITAD). ITAD companies utilise licenced data erasure software and hardware to guarantee the 100% destruction of data on any device. Once all data has been removed from the devices they can then be given back to the client for reuse or recycled sustainably.

At SER we go above and beyond the industry standard to provide the upmost security when it comes to our clients’ data. We utilise government approved Blancco software to efficiently erase data stored on devices such as hard drives. Once wiped we can view a report to see whether any information is still left. When data is still held on the device, we use a range of physical wiping techniques to ensure the data is completely gone. These data destruction processes include degaussing, punching and hard drive shredding.

SE Recycling is accredited with ISO: 27001, an information security management certification that ensures SER upholds the highest information security standards. As part of this accreditation the company is audited by an independent body each year to certify we comply with the standard.

SER additionally holds cyber essentials and IASME GDPR Compliant certification to further ensure all our processes are compliant with Government legislation and data security laws.